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Our counsellor works with the alcohol / drug user in a therapeutic setting. His or her purpose is to help the patient understand their addiction and help them modify their thoughts, beliefs, and actions in order to progress into sobriety.

Alcohol / Drug abuse counselors will screen a patient and assess their condition. What they learn will guide them in developing an individualized treatment plan for the patient. They may also provide family and group counseling.

Recreational activities

The main goal of a alcohol / drug abuse counselor is to help a recovering individual learn to get and stay sober.

The work of a alcohol / drug abuse counselor requires qualities such as compassion, patience, understanding and sensitivity. Counselors devote a great deal of time, energy and hope in their patients. They pride themselves in the recovery successes that their patients achieve.

Autobiography’ writing – writing of the life story and sharing with the counsellor/ group

Recreational activities