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  • A lot of us have certain specific issues which we may not be comfortable sharing face-to-face with someone – whether a friend, spouse, or a therapist – maybe because of geographical distance or the stigma related to seeking psychological help.
  • Online Counseling is one of the newer and most productive ways to reach out to therapists and find solutions to psychological problems – from wherever you may be located
  • The online counseling format at Help Recovery & Rehabilitation Home of 20 sessions, followed by maintenance sessions as and when necessary. The first session is completely free of cost, and if the therapist and client both feel comfortable to continue, the client signs up for more sessions. Therapeutics techniques used include 12 step counseling, CBT and DBT.
  • addictions
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • bipolar
  • relationship issues
  • adolescence
  • parental problems
  • other emotional problems
  • We do not provide medical advice and you should follow the advice of your doctor regarding medication. If you feel you are at risk for suicide you should seek help immediately from an emergency centre close to you.
  • Online Counseling is yet another way of showing that nothing is impossible, and recovery is “just a click away.”

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