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The Family Support Program at Help Recovery & Rehabilitation Home is designed to work concurrently with the client’s treatment. Having a family member in treatment can be difficult for all who are involved. It can often cloud the ability to make the right decisions when it comes to helping that family member during and post treatment.

The HELP Family Support Program focuses on understanding the disease of addiction and how it impacts everyone in a family, constructive problem resolution and continuing care for the whole family.

Family members learn about various family dynamics and tools that they can use to build healthy family systems with someone in recovery. In addition, specific information regarding the family member in treatment is incorporated to ensure a lasting recovery for the client and healthy family dynamics.


  • Educating the family about addiction
  • Briefing the family about what to expect from the treatment program and how to cooperate for maximum benefit
  • Introduction to Al-anon family support groups
  • Counseling for personal issues, conflict resolution and stress management
  • Participation in structured intervention sessions with clients in treatment
  • Communication exercises between the client and family members
  • Participation in the client’s relapse prevention plan
  • Regular classes at Help Recovery & Rehabilitation Home for families on various aspects of addiction and recovery

Family interventions and meetings – helpful in denial breaking, boundary settings and resolving long standing issues including marital and parental aspects
  • Family Communication – family shares and participates in the relapse prevention plan. special sessions prior to discharge aimed at re-building relationships.
  • External support – introduction to family support groups, such as Al-anon
  • Family intervention sessions – preparing and participating in structured intervention sessions with the individual in treatment.
  • Communication exercises – between the individual and family members to resolve and rebuild relationships.